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Harmonization of Occupational Safety and Health Enforcement Amendments

When are the amendments in effect?

Amendments took effect November 23, 2018.


Where can I purchase the standards with the new updates?

Standards can be viewed for free online after a quick simple registration.  https://community.csagroup.org/community/ohs/ohs-standards----view-access

Alternatively, standards can be purchased from the Canadian Standards Association Store https://store.csagroup.org

First Aid Training

What standard has to be met?

Workers must meet the training curriculum set out in the Canadian Standards Association

(CSA), CSA Z1210 - First Aid training for the workplace – Curriculum and quality management for training agencies. Workers will be required to be trained to the applicable workplace first aid training level.

Basic formerly recognized as First Aider 1 (FA1)

Intermediate formerly recognized as First Aider 2 (FA2)

Advanced formerly recognized as First Aider 3 (FA3)

I received my certification this past summer. Will I have to take the course again?

No, all certificates will be recognized as valid to the date of expiry.

Why is it being changed?

By harmonizing to the standard, workplace first aid will be a  part of a national system in reducing barriers to trade and labour mobility.

First Aid Kits

Do we have to purchase new kits immediately?

No, a transition time of one year will allow employers and suppliers  time to use current supplies and either purchase new kits or stock  supplies to the new standard. First aid kits are required to be in accordance with the Canadian Standards Association, CSA Z1220 – First aid kits for the workplace.

Source: https://www.gov.mb.ca/labour/s...