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Sport First Aid Kit

SKU: 3589


This compact sized kit perfect those active in sports. It contains the necessary supplies to deal with a variety of sport injuries. Splints & cold packs are included.

Small Wounds

6 Wound Washer with Benzalkonium 0.02% 2 Knuckle Bandage (3.125cm x 7.5cm) 2 Sterile Non-Adherent Pad (5cm x 7.5cm) 6 Adhesive Bandages – Waterproof (1.9cm x 7.5cm) 3 Adhesive Fabrics (5cm x 7.5cm) 2 Fingertip (4.4cm x 6.25cm)

Medium Wounds

2 Wound Washer with Benzalkonium 0.02% (5cm x 5.5cm) 14 Sterile Gauze Pad (10cm x 10cm) 1 Elastic Roll Bandage (7.5cm 4.5m) 2 Elastic Gauze Roll Bandage (7.5cm x 4.5m)

Additional Supplies

1 First Aid Pocket Guide 1 Note Pad Patient Info 1 Safety Pins (12/pack) 3 Nitrile Gloves (Large) 1 Pencil 1 St. John Window Sticker 1 Cotton Fabric tape (2.5cm x 4.5m) 1 Forceps 10 Wound Washer with Benzalkonium 0.02% (5cm x 5.5cm) 2 Triangular Bandages in Non-Woven Format (102cm x102cm x 142cm) 1 Scissors  1 Face Shield 1 Abdominal Pad (20cm x 25cm) 2 Tongue Depressor 2 Wooden Splints 1 Sport Bag 1 Rescue Sheet – Silver (1.4m x 2.04m) 2 Cold Packs