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Pet First Aid Kit

SKU: 3590


Even pets can benefit from first aid and we’ve designed a special kit with them in mind.


1 Triangular Bandage (102cm x 201cm x 142cm)  1 Conform Bandage (7.5cm x 4.5m)  1 Conform Bandage (5cm x 4.5m)  1 Celsius Fahrenheit Rectal Thermometer  3 Sterile Gauze Pad (10cm x 10 cm)  1 Paper Medical Tape (2.5cm x 9m, 6/box)  1 Non-adherent Pad (7.5cm x 10 cm)  1 Straight splinter forceps (9cm) 3 Tongue depressors 2 Disposable Vinyl Gloves (Large)  1 Elastic support Bandage (7.5cm x 4.5m)  1 Scissors  1 Cotton Tip Applicator (7.5cm, 25/Bag)  3 BZK Antiseptic Towelettes  2 Insect Sting Relief Pads  1 Petroleum Jelly  1 First Aid Spray  1 Pet Bag